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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An IMPORTANT note to all who blog!!!

BACK UP YOUR DATA! Save it somewhere. My main blog was "deactivated" *while* i was posting this morning because WordPress has decided arbitrarily that i was "violating terms of service".

I have done NOTHING to violate any WordPress terms of service. I am not a spammer, crap poster, seller of  ----, a privacy exploiter, hacker or a stealer of images and content. If they can’t fix it, i have lost EVERYTHING on that site: i cannot access anything, it says it is gone, i do not get to post on the WP support forums, i do not get to pass go and collect 200 dollars. It's most likely i was hacked, or WordPress was hacked, but until it's cleared up, all of my content from almost 9 years has disappeared, and unless they agree i did nothing wrong, i will never get it back.

WordPress, Blogger and several other blogging platforms are also deactivating sites they feel are inactive, questionable or are reported (rightly or wrongly) as spam. You may or may not get a warning, but be aware.

With today's prevalence of hacking and image scraping, it's important that you protect any content, written and image. You can export it, save it to disc, print out hard copy, Google Drive, make it a PDF. And watermark your photos and publicize any copyright issues, or other issues you feel are important.

Do it today.


Maggi said...

Wise words Arlee. Fortunately my website gets a weekly backup. Wish I could find some way to contact WP to complain that your blog has been removed.

arlee said...

My new blog is my old blog at