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Friday, March 28, 2014

Please send us your reviews of shows seen, art you have viewed at a friends' or art you have purchased.

Last night I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Pre-Sale at ACAD and now I can insist you go over there and take a look at all the wonderful work by the students and learn - because they are a great crowd who are very keen to talk, share their passion, and teach us about their techniques and inspirations.  Seems like there are excellent tutors in that place bringing out the character of the students and adding a little spice of technique as these, our future artists, mature.

The star of the show for me was Geoff Genge who is registered as a Jewellery Major (I believe you call it here in Canada) He told me he loves looking into the way things are constructed and he clearly has an interest in de-construction too.  He studied weaving with Mackenzie Frere from the Fibre Dept. and learnt the basics and then he told me cheekily with a grin, how he then decided to (in my words) take the kid gloves off and do something  a little more complicated.... I got him to take a mirror-wise selfie... scan down to see more details of the piece - Earthen Shroud.
Photo credit  and Artist Geoff Genge
Earthen Shroud
His piece is in predominantly wonderfully aged and rusted metal.  Check out the components...with natural fibre as warp and he has re-used things like a fire screen which he painstakingly took apart.  It supplies the tension in the work.  You weavers will understand this far better than I.
See if you can get a sense of his humorous character as you inspect the images below.
(Forgive non-editing of the images... but I think they do the job - please click to enlarge - and sorry I didn't get the right angle to view the piece in its entirety.)

Earthen Shroud
Artist Geoffrey Genge
Photo: karin millson
The top of the piece (not shown) is a large scale metal pipe - giving perfect balance to the entire work.
Earthen Shroud
Artist Geoffrey Genge
Photo: karin millson
 Look at the way the warp has been affected by the springs
Earthen Shroud
Artist Geoffrey Genge
Photo: karin millson
The lower portion is certainly dramatic

Monday, March 24, 2014

Echelman installation, Vancouver BC

Oh i do so wish i could have seen this in person!!!!
Images are kindly provided by Morgen Bardati and posted with her permission.

Studio Echelman installed its largest, most interactive sculpture installation to date at the TED Conference’s 30th anniversary, March 2014. The monumental aerial sculpture spanned 745 feet between the 24-story Fairmont Waterfront and the Vancouver Convention Center, challenging the artist to work on her most ambitious scale yet – over twice the size of her largest previous sculpture.
The sculpture was presented with an original, interactive work created in collaboration with artist Aaron Koblin, Creative Director of the Data Arts Team in Google’s Creative Lab. At night the sculpture came to life as visitors were able to choreograph the lighting in real time using physical gestures on their mobile devices. Vivid beams of light were projected across a massive scale as the result of small movements on spectators’ phones.
Janet Echelman

Ethereal by day, and dramatic by night!

There's a time lapse "video" here from the Vancouver Sun.

Morgen Bardati is textile artist and designer living in the mountainous Kootenay region of BC in Canada.

Marching out


This exhibition highlights the use of fiber arts as media and process towards artistic expression. Dyeing, stitching, surface design, weaving, embroidery, quilting, batik, felting, basketry, textile manipulation, soft sculpture, and other mixed media artworks utilizing fibers as their primary material are just some of the many ways that artwork falls under the broad umbrella of “Fiber Arts”. Traditional and contemporary techniques and materials are welcome, as well as any themes the artist explores through fiber arts. Works may be two- or three-dimensional and must be original artworks conceived of and made by the artist. Pieces may be mixed-media, but must be primarily fiber; no photography or videos will be exhibited.   Downloadable PDF here. Submission deadline June 23 2014----lots of time to enter, even to create new work!

This Is My City Festival 2014     Some of our own SDA members are instrumental in creating art with and for this venture that helps the homeless and the disenfranchised. “We recognize the creative voice of every citizen and believe that we are all richer for having listened.”

Ujamaa Grandmas' annual fundraiser sale of fabrics and yarns is April 25th and 26th--stock up on stash and contribute to a very worthy cause!

Want to write something for the SDA Journal? Guidelines are here.  Future issues are (as always) themed:
Spring 2014 Nature Unbound
Summer 2014 Korea
Fall 2014 Designing Minds
And don't forget, the opening reception for our own local SDA show is April 11th at Atlantis Fine Framing and Arts Studio! Latest "press" at ArtRubicon.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Marching in like a lion

Next meeting is on the 5th at Atlantis!!! 

All textile and mixed media artists and friends, members of SDA and non-members, you are invited to join us for the presentation by visiting artist Judith Dios. She will be telling us about "An Unexpected Journey" at the March Meeting of SDA: Alberta in Calgary.

Please RSVP : if you will be coming to the talk. Cost is $20 and all are welcome.

If you are able, please bring a small snack to add to the pot luck refreshments table.


If you haven't received the news in your inbox:
(And just giving you a heads up: submission deadline is Oct 1 2014 and is blind juried, so if you blog, please don't post your work, even in progress, anywhere on line.)

From Edge of the Forest Committee


 Dear Canadian SDA members,

Click Here for the call for EDGE OF THE FOREST, a traveling exhibit scheduled for 2015. All Canadian SDA members are invited to submit images of their work for jurying. This is an opportunity to participate in an art event that expresses the unique Canadian perspective.

The Edge of the Forest Team


It is with great excitement that I can release the following information.
Lisa Klakulak will be teaching a 3-Day workshop in Calgary in September 2014.
Patterning Felt: Partial Felt Gradations.

Please go here to see all the details.
email me back to check on space availability.

Your space will be confirmed on payment of a non-refundable $200 deposit paid by PayPal.... see the blog for all the details.

Karin Millson
Kreative Momentum

Miscellaneous interest:

1. Felters list is an email felting list run by Pat Spark info at: and more general page is

2. For the past six years, Contextural: a fibre arts cooperative has held a hugely successful summer residency program within the studios of the Alberta College of Art + Design, Fibre Department. We are now getting ready for our seventh residency and are currently inviting expressions of interest from fibre artists and students who are interested in working within a co-operative studio setting and are seeking affordable studio space with specialized dye and print equipment.
We are seeking individuals who:
  •  Are interested in working within a co-operative studio setting
  •  Will be actively involved in, and contribute to, our community
  •  Seek access to affordable studio space and specialized equipment
  •  Are interested in sharing their knowledge and skills through teaching and collaboration
  •  Appreciate and practice the diversity of textile arts and craft
  •  Embrace an environmental approach to studio production
  •  Are ready to commit a fee of $250 for a three-month, or $150 for one-month summer studio rental and access to equipment.
  •   Will contribute to the end of summer residency exhibition.
Please visit for more information on our vision statement, goals and values. Interested parties should send an application (as attached) to: with the subject ‘2014 Summer Residency Application’

 Deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 30th @ midnight. If accepted, residency fees are due with the acceptance form and supply order form by May 1st.

Dates for the one-month residencies are May 25 - June 29, and July 20 - August 24 with mandatory attendance for orientation & move-in Sunday, May 25 at 1:00pm or Sunday, July 20th at 1:00pm

Dates for the three-month residency are May 25 - August 24 with mandatory attendance for orientation/move-in Sunday, May 25 at 1:00pm.

Again this year, Contextural is offering the Contextural Summer Residency Scholarship to individuals applying for the three-month residency. The scholarship includes studio fees for the three-month summer residency ($250 value) and $250 for supplies. The scholarship will be awarded based on the quality and completeness of the application.

 Sites of interest:  

Thanks to Terri for passing these along.

The written word:

New books for your delectation :)

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D4Daisy (Maggie Grey)
Jenny Dean
Nick Bantok