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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Slim Pickin's....

I think the delayed arrival of spring has affected a lot of us in many ways :) Not too much going on anywhere! That being said, grab a cup of your preferred beverage, and slip into something comfortable for some good reading and viewing.

Take a look at Anni Hunt's new endeavour - instructional videos on Anni Hunt TV. Check out her blog too, while you're at it - she has declared that she will be dealing with the issue of focusing in your work (or not) every Friday. (Anni is a BC SDA member.)

If you are into indigo have a look at this, including 'older posts' - lots of great indigo/shibori images.  ("Common Threads", local to BC)

An intriguing website dealing with all aspects of textile/fibre art. (Talking Textiles)

I love this emagazine and it's free. Artizen. Simply sign up for the emailed version and peruse at your own convenience. Each issue is themed monthly and covers a wide variety of professional artists in many media.  There is Art Trader too (also free), which may be closing soon, but back issues are still online.

Karen King of Aubusson House is having a giant yarn sale!! Think outside the box if you're not a "needle worker". Yarns can be building blocks for so many techniques and projects.

And a recent "discovery" by Karin Millson in her own words:

  A wonderful art-materials-for -free location. One can go over to The Calgary Herald building, 215 - 16th Street S.E. , Calgary, Alberta T2E 7P5 and park in the bay (not blocking the gate of course) close to the signage for "Shipping and Receiving", and follow the clear signage to Roll Ends. My advice is to take with you a donation (they don't give change, I gave $5,) and the nice lady will accept your money and take you to a stack of end of rolls.She suggested I pick up 4 rolls for my donation (I only needed 2).

These are useful for rough design, paper patters, wrapping your works for shipping etc etc...

Easy and painless... One need never buy this sort of paper again from art material shops.

REMINDER: the 3rd Alberta SDA meeting will take place Thursday April 25th at Atlantis Fine Framing and Art, with guest speaker Lisa Grey. RSVP to Karin or myself, and bring a friend. Non members are welcome but will be asked for a small donation. Nibblies are encouraged but not an obligation. Coffee, tea and small snacks are always served for those who have rushed from busy lives to attend :)

Again, we plead for content! If you have work to share, news about exhibits--yours or other artists, publications or interesting sites. Please share with us and for the blog.

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