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Interesting Videos - Fibre Related

A compilation of "Mark Making" video tutorials on YouTube, covering a wide range of techniques:

Wonderful lineup of more tutorials from Anni Hunt (SDA/BC):

This is a video we created for the Puppet Power : the Fearless Face of Puppetry for Calgary 2013.
go to my blog to read more about it.
Thanks, Karin

PechaKucha Kreatures 2013 from Daniel Millson on Vimeo.

A feast - Lesley Dill.

Sweatercoat Making____

La Tela, Sewing and Handicraft, Italian Museum

This was suggested by Linda Hawke,
Check out this wild fibre installation by Ann Hamilton in NYC.
Especially apropos in light of the upcoming workshop about 'play.'

Here is a Youtube from our own Calgary Stash Lounge

Chameleon Cocktail ensemble- Make Fashion

This video link was sent to me by our SDA member Angela Dale.  I am hoping to gather more information to give you about this shortly.

Here Pamela Allen is shown with exerts from her instructional video.  Nice to see her chopping up fabrics to add to her quilt to make the imagery and shapes jump out from the background.

Catalytic Clothing from Helen Storey Foundation on Vimeo.

This video shows off the dress and the fabric which cleans the air.
It was referred to in Hi-Tech To Wear, Raising the Bar by Jo Ann Stabb in the Winter 2012 edition of Surface Design Magazine. p20-25.

Janet doing a wonderful Ted Talk about her huge fibre sculptures which were inspired by fishing nets.

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