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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Salon-style exhibition - Call for works

I have some interesting information about a small exhibition opportunity.

Atlantis Fine Framing and Studios are having an open show.

They are just putting out a call on Facebook and seeing what happens via social media... Interesting isn't it.

Go to their Facebook page for full details and get in touch with Ken or Melanie for clarification if you feel you need any.  (I think he said one piece per person).

Hope some of you can take up this offer, because there is wall space to fill and an opportunity to put some work up for free!!!!  And wouldn't it be marvellous if we created a bit of fibre and surface design buzz from this if many many many of you respond to the call.

Right I am off to stitch up that piece that I have had lying around for nearly a year!

Please Please pass this information around - ACAD, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Airdrie, Artist Co-ops, weavers, patchworkers and, in fact, everywhere.

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