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Sunday, February 10, 2013

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Susan Kristoferson teaches Inventive Itajime Paper

                                                             Colour Field 1 (Detail)  132 x 66 cm
                                                             Artist Susan Kristoferson, 2012
                                                             Hand decorated paper with calligraphy inks
                                                             Photo Credit Laura O'Connor

Monday 18th March 9:30 - 1:30 pm/Thursday 21st March 9:30 - 1:30pm
(This 8-hour course is spread over two days, to give you time to fold your papers before you stain them)
At: Atlantis Fine Framing Studio

"The excitement of a child ‘opening a surprise package’ occurs with the opening
of each bundle of itajime (Japanese for fold and clamp) dyed paper!  Learn to
master intricate traditional patterns and processes and then explore many
different dye and coloring possibilities.  Itajime can be highly skilled and controlled
 but also always offers up the unexpected.

Work from simple to complex in this structured workshop as your personal stack
 of amazing papers grows!  Design, color theory, and conceptual problem challenges
 will be applied to the patterned papers that you work to create.  View actual
 examples and slide lectures on historic and contemporary itajime papers and
 artworks.  Then work on artwork compositions or projects (i.e. book arts, origami,
sculptural forms) of your choosing, based on demonstrations, assignments,
and your own ideas.  This will be a whirlwind workshop, jam-packed with new
information, experimentation, invention and your own creativity!"

More information including costs, payment methods and supplies needed are on Karin's blog.

Calls for Entry: 
Call for Feature Artists 2014, Spruce Grove
Deadline to submit your package is June 30

The Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove is calling for entries for our 2014 Feature Artists

Package should include a description and theme of your proposed exhibition. Send 8 to 10 numbered and labelled photographs or digital files of recent work. All images submitted must correspond with a numbered information sheet which includes: artist's name, title, medium, sizes and dates of creation.
A typed biography, artist statement and a resume.

Please submit a complete package that no later than June 30, 2013 to:
Allied Arts Council,
Feature Artist Selection Committee,
Box 3511, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3A8.
For more information please go to our website at or phone the Spruce Grove Art Gallery at 780-962-0664.

Miscellaneous Interests and Information:

Do your research diligently when receiving enthusiastic "pay to play" invitations! LINK

Making art in "series", and why it is to your advantage, both artistically and financially. LINK

Good Reads:

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin (Clicking on this link will give SDA a portion of the proceeds as an affiliate.)
...conformity no longer leads to success (if it ever did), creativity is scarce and more valuable than ever and requires choosing the less predictable and braver choice – like art, which is an attitude rather than an aptitude – staking new territory and making new connections."

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