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Friday, January 31, 2014

Almost February already!

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 SDA Canada Show update:

Can *you* help? Want to be more involved in your area/group?

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Canada, and North America itself, does not have the same long historical records in and of textile arts that Europe and the "Old World" does. We are not able to claim and  to exclaim over Bayeux Tapestries, gorgeous Renaissance Ecclesiastical robes, or examples of Middle Ages needlework done on this continent. We do however have a few artists who are starting to work with old imagery from the first explorers, as witnessed by the work of Heather Cameron (Gabriola Island BC) as she "translates" the Codex Canadensis manuscript into embroidery.

Specific entries about this project can be found on a dedicated page here and in entries about the original artist Father Louis Nicholas, a Jesuit priest and would be scholar.

On a side note, the main SDA newsblog has a thought provoking post about the use of cultural symbols, their exploitation, misinterpretations and violation of intellectual property rights. (I am NOT however intimating that Heather is breaking any such issues!)

Miscellaneous interest:

Student Art Guide "This website has been created to help high school Art students excel. It contains ideas, help and guidance from students and teachers around the world." While it is focused on secondary and post secondary education, it is a good resource for developing basic skills in drawing, painting and various sub genres and applications. Joining is free and there's quite a bit of interesting information, as well as forums, galleries and resource links. I joined awhile ago, but haven't posted as i feel a bit out of my league in some areas, *and* due to my age! :)

A wonderful design and historical research project here. The Harris Museum and Art Gallery has digitized the 700 textile samples from The Textile Manufactures of India, an 18 volume set of fabric sample books put together in 1866 by John Forbes Watson and published by the India Office of the British Government.

A bit of fluff for fun:

I think whomever wrote the descriptions for these fashionable ladies from 1883 would be very good at ArtSpeak :)

What sort of presentation do you use for your textile art? Do you add the obligatory "sleeve" on the back following the Quilt Show Rules, or do you mount on canvases? If you need help to figure this out, there's a clear tutorial here.

How to broaden your market--off line in a real gallery? Online? Tips and things to remember.

Please send information about your own workshops, exhibits, publications etc to Karin or myself for inclusion on this blog. Promote yourself!

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