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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Recap of Nov 20th meeting

During the session the renowned potter, Grayson Perry, who works with coils of clay (threads!) and numerous other media including weavings and etchings, spoke to us via the internet and iPlayer from the BBC, (a replay of the Reith Lecture) about the nature of art.  He stimulated intellectual debate that covered numerous topics from the relevance of beauty in an art work, to the responsibility of the artist to give due credit to his fellow, technically adept, collaborators of which there are many more these days.

We also digressed gently to other topics of interest and I believe everyone went home with matters to ponder, but I hope that those driving practised restraint and only considered such matters when they were off the ice!

Thanks to all who took the trouble to come out for the evening.  Everyone who has spoken to me since commented that the gathering encouraged and supported the discussion. It was a shame that Grayson couldn't actually make it to the meeting this time, but I think he would be very pleased to know that we consider that we were with him in Liverpool, UK - a hot bed of contemporary art and debate.

This morning Pamela came across this in today's Guardian. (If you have time, scroll through some of the comments as well. Artists and Non-Artists weigh in with some silly and some provocative thoughts as well.)

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