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Friday, March 8, 2013

Swatch collection at March 20th meeting

As i looked through the collection of swatches we will be sharing at the March 20th meeting, i found a sheet that mentions more swatches are always welcomed. If you wish to contribute a swatch yourself, they must be 12x12" with bound edges (this can be as simple as zigzagging the edges or making a pillowcase finish). All swatches MUST have a card attached to the back with your name, techniques used, and if you like, some contact information (blog, website, photo album). There are samples of every surface design technique as to be expected with such a wide ranging membership and talent pool, from nuno felting to hand weaving, transfer dyes and procion printing, silkscreen, stamping, shibori and anything else that can be done to a fabric surface, so showcase your talent and processes! (Do remember though that these are sample swatches, not necessarily little works of finished art.)

As none of the swatches in the collection can be removed, please bring a camera if you want to "add" a technique to your practice. We do ask that you photograph the back so that the maker can be properly attributed.

Please let arlee or Karin know if you want to contribute a swatch, as a record of these must be made and attached with when the collection goes back to HQ.

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