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Friday, December 14, 2012

SDA:Alberta Meeting - Paper Landscape

Note, due to licensing issues, this will be a non-alcohol event, sorry for the confusion. Coffee, tea, juices and various nibblies will be offered.

Block this evening on your shiny new calendar for 2013.

Tuesday January 15th, 2013 at 7pm
SDA: Alberta is having its first meeting in Calgary

 A Cheese and Wine evening, 
in the delightful setting of DaDe Art and Design Lab.

Feature presentation

"Paper Landscape"

                                             by Eveline Kolijn and Romy Straathof


Romy and Eveline will tell us about their project Paper Landscape, how their struggles with otherwise medicinal plants sometimes found them suffering for their art... yet the results are spectacular... 
You will marvel at the varieties of paper surfaces that they produced and the efforts they went to to ensure true commitment to environmental considerations. 
Branches Prairie Crocus
It is a colourful story that will be told in an endearing manner and many of the results of their labours will be on display for you to examine and enjoy.

This is an SDA event but all are welcome.
Non-SDA members will be asked to make a small donation.

Please let us know your  intension to attend at
to help us cater for the event (food and seating)

All photos courtesy of Romy Straathof and Eveline Kolijn

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