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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lisa Grey's visit to Calgary, 2013 & Reminder to subscribe to the blog.

SDA friends, 
Please be advised that Arlee has been busy recently and has uploaded several news items to the blog. You might like to scroll down and check the blog if you haven't received any automatic feeds of the updates. 

Actually, subscribing to the blog is a great way to be sure not to miss any updates, as you will get automatic feeds through your email account whenever something new is uploaded. Just fill in the details in the "Follow by email" menu on the right of the screen. 

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karin - your SDA Rep for Alberta

Lisa Grey is the SDA Representative for New Hampshire and has a lovely-to-look-at website here with descriptions of her teaching philosophies if you don't already know them.

We are very fortunate that she is coming over to Alberta in April, 2013. 

Shown below are, literally, the bare essentials... there are far more images and much more information about the 3-day workshop online at
With only 15 places available, be sure to contact Karin if you are interested in attending.

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