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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mid April Newsletter

I felt it important to add a mid-month newsletter, as there is stuff going on in April/early May that you might miss if I leave it to the end of the month....

Consulting Alberta Craft Council online is an efficient way to pick up news on local events, calls to artists and shows etc for the whole of Alberta.... take a moment to click Alberta Craft Council and follow the links on the left hand menu for events and exhibitions etc.

Don't forget to check the Surface design association BC blog for across BC

And now, here is the news....
CBBAG - Canadian Bookbinders and Book Arts Guild.
Meetings for April-May-June

April 14-July 7, 2012      “Alberta Papers and Books”   exhibit at the Alberta Crafts Council Gallery, Edmonton, AB  opening artists’ reception, 1-4pm April 14
April 19, 2012     7pm , Thursday               659   3 Ave NW, Calgary  403-283-4347
Visit Diana Patterson’s book collection of mainly late 18th century books. She has made particular collections of the novel Tristram Shandy, which contain a hand-made marbled leaf in it, and also of books bound in decorated “wastepaper”, usually marbled wastepaper, but sometimes paste paper. The “wastepaper” is usually printer's waste.  In addition, Laurie Shelton from Burlington, Vermont will join us.  Laurie is a specialist in papermaking used in early childhood education.
Bring new work, work in progress, news and finds to share with the group.
Bring your altered book if it is ready to be handed off to the next alteration partner in your group.
May 9, 2012   7 pm  Wednesday    5007 Norquay Dr. NW,  Calgary  403-228-3373 
Wendy Passmore, puppeteer, and director of W.P. Puppet Theatre Society will talk with us about WPTS' s new puppet show “Finding My Song: By Bird” which features paper as the main medium for the puppets and set. Wendy will talk about the specific challenges of a touring show made of paper and the design process for the unique puppets. Wendy will also address the additional feature of the show which is the projected video of animated paper collages. We will have a sneak peak behind the scenes of this new show, with a possibility to see it live sometime during the spring of 2012.  We may also make some puppets….
Bring new work, work in progress, news and finds to share with the group.
June 2012    End of year BBQ/Potluck   7 pm    At Colleen Rauchers’ home:   2835 45th St. SW, Calgary   403-464-4326
Bring new work, work in progress, news and finds to share with the group.  There will be a materials swap at this meeting, so bring your left over or no longer needed materials to swap or to give to other CBBAG members.
Eveline Kolijn - has this going on...
For the This Is My City festival she has curated a small exhibition from art made in the shelters on the art-wall of the Public Library downtown take a look if you are down there and there is a Grand finale event in Art Central ( on May 3rd! - Don't miss it.

Do you want to save money?
Want to save some money on your shopping for Jason Pollen's workshop....
If you are in Calgary... Don't miss the Mona Lisa annual sale if you are shopping for art materials in April
Date Fri 27th and Sat 28th April, 30% off ... for details contact Mona Lisa 403 228 3618.

Want more information about Maiwa workshops?  Including weaving, bookbinding, felting and machine embroidery... not all in one workshop though, go here.
This from Jennifer Love SDA:BC Representative -

Video: Just had to send you the link to this video - so creative!:

Be sure to look at their website at: AND check out their blog, especially if you knit or crochet. 

Laura Kemshall (part of the thr3Fold  team) has launched the website for her new enterprise, FINGERPRINT, which offers digitally printed fabric and scarves, and will eventually offer the opportunity to have your own designs printed on her machine. BC SDA member Catherine Nicholls, is also part of thr3Fold - many of you would have met Laura when she was here for an exhibition at FibreWorks and for the debut of issue five of the thr3Fold Journal . Here is the website:
Anyone going to be in Wales during the next couple of months? I'm going to be nearby, but not close enough...


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