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Friday, August 22, 2014

-for Sept--

Solo show by Dana Roman,  at the CAG Gallery, September 25  to October 7, Canmore Alberta

Contextural's end of residency show "Organic Matters" August 25 to September 15, various venues through ACAD, Calgary, Alberta


I am interested in selling to  an artist (surface designer, yardage silk-screener, quilter, sewer?).  The table has a sturdy 4 x 8 foot plywood top which is padded with cotton quilt batting and then covered with a heavy cotton twill/satin surface cloth.  The table is bolted together and is easily disassembled and moved. The shelves underneath the top are removable. The table was designed for fabric silk screening and fabric painting.   The table is screwed together so it can be taken apart and moved.  There are 4 shelves under the table surface which can be removed.

The dimensions are 37” high by 4 x 8 feet.  There are wheels on the table legs which could be cut to make the table shorter if someone needed/wanted a shorter table.  I would like to get $300 for the table or will sell for the best offer.
    It is located in Coach Hill on the west side of Calgary.

 Susan Kristoferson 403-619-6875 (h) 403-668-0140 (c)

THINK spots to visit:

 “If it’s not about the fiber, why work in that medium?”

John Hopper at The Textile Blog always has interesting, and sometimes quite thought provoking articles and artist spotlights. "We can say with some certainty that artistically and poetically the relationship between the creation and the viewer is an important one. The moment when both the viewed and the viewer come together is one that is both magical and singularly unique. A moment that can never be repeated, never regained. "

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