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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Where is July going???

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A reminder that if you are doing squares for the Slofemist Project, they are due, completed or not, to Lois by August 1st.


YarnBombing Event September 2014

Do you love to knit or crochet? Are you interested in raising awareness about homelessness? We have a project for you!

We are wrapping a house in a prominent NW location with hand knitting and crochet to symbolize the warmth and comfort of home.

The Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) has purchased a  house. It is slated for demolition and a brand new apartment building, designed to house individuals who are exiting homelessness, will be built in its place.
This is My City Art Society is partnering with Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF) to turn the existing old house into a stunning work of art before it is torn down. We are recruiting interested individuals, groups, families, etc. to knit/crochet 12" squares that will be used to wrap the house.
This sanctioned ‘yarn bombing’ will:
Have a strong street impact that draws people in to learn more
Reflect on the warmth and comfort of home and community
Serve as a reminder that not everyone has a place to call home.

This art project is organized by This is My City Art Society, a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that works with people experiencing who are homelessness and those at risk of homelessness to provide opportunities for positive creative expression in visual and performing arts.

The Details:
Deadline for contributing squares is August 26th
Drop-off locations for knitted donations:
Crowfoot Library: 8665 Nose Hill Drive NW
Fish Creek Library: 11161 Bonaventure Dr. SE
        Louise Riley Public Library: 1904-14th Ave NW
       CommunityWise Centre: 101, 223 12th Ave SW

Please contact Leslie Barnes for more details and information:
(p.s. ... We will also be accepting used, unwanted hand knit/crocheted clothing (sweaters, socks, mittens) or blankets

A similar project was recently completed in the Beltline at 222-15 Ave SW. See for more information.
For more information about the project or to get involved please contact:
Linda Hawke, Board President
This is My City Art Society;

Information re: the Canadian SDA exhibit "Edge of the Forest":
(via Jennifer Love BC/SDA) "Following is the response I received from the Edge of the Forest team, to a query I forwarded from one of our members. I thought others of you might also be wondering about the size requirements for this exhibition. (So I interpret this to mean your piece must be that specific size (16" w x 28" l), not within that size range.)"

The guidelines for the size of each submission are a fixed requirement, and we trust that each artist will rise to the challenge of adhering to it. Artists also have the option of creating a textured work that is up to 2 inches in depth.

Artists are also requested to follow the additional guidelines regarding sleeves for hanging and labeling, etc.

This being a large undertaking, we have set the requirements for ease in shipping and to facilitate packing and hanging of the works. More

importantly, we are aiming for uniformity in images to create a more powerful effect.

The name of the exhibit was given for inspiration, not necessarily for representing the subject matter of the work.

The Edge of the Forest Team


Ask Harriete always has wonderful information and discussion about various artist related topics. Though she is primarily a jeweller, many of her posts apply to fibre and other media artists. The latest on attracting more traffic to your "official" website is here.

 Love free motion, free applique, machine play, hand stitch, mixed media, Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn????

 Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn show the power and possibilities of free motion machine stitching in making wonderful, unique textile creations in a new DVD! They demonstrate how to work with a range of soluble fabrics, ways to design edges, cords and dangly bits and how to create wonderful, new, unique, cloths. They show ways to distort fabrics using a sewing machine and how to colour fabric surfaces. They share their sources of design, which include landscapes, natural forms and patterns and present ways of machining into hand-stitching, paper and synthetic materials.

As ever their enthusiasm, artistic skills, teaching ability and friendliness shine through. This is an ideal DVD, full of inspiration and guidance, for those of all levels of experience, including beginners, who want to develop their use of a sewing machine in the creation of their textile art.

Please visit the website: to see a clip from the DVD


Several (many?!) SDA members also took or are taking part in the Contextural 2014 residency at ACAD. Courtesy of Linda and Terri, here are a few action shots :)


Mention has been made before on this blog about "ISSUU", a free online reader that features many emags on a wide variety of subjects. If you're in need of some pure visual joy, inspiration or an imaginative kickstart, please see Maia Sylba's series of emags "MuseTouch", true feasts for the eyes and heart.

Textile Museum in Nebraska, a call for entry maybe????



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