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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Canadian SDA members: We have exciting news! The John M Parrott Art Gallery in Belleville, Ontario has agreed to accept the Edge of the Forest for a six week exhibition June, 2015 - mid July, 2015.   
(Call for Entry scroll down and click on link--i cannot put a direct link here because of blogger policies  in regards to "email" notifications, even Constant Contact!)

Images/entry forms due: October 1, 2014
Jurying: November 15 - 30, 2014
Jury notifications artwork to arrive: December 1 - 15, 2014
Artwork to arrive: January 1 - February 1, 2015  

Exhibition dates:

Mar. 1 - 30, 2015: Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, June - mid July, 2015: John M. Parrott Gallery, Bellville, Ont.    Aug15 - Oct 15, 2015 Fibre Conference/ Crafts Council of Newfoundland and Labrador

(This brings to date three venues that will be showing the exhibit)

The Edge of the Forest Team


Caryl says, "This is my first art show and sale. It is a mixture of pieces that I have been working on this past year including mixed media on fabric, paper and board; acrylic on canvas and paper, with a whole range of exploration and discovery."


Miscellaneous Interest: Historical perspectives, the making of period needlework, and interesting tidbits about how, why and where certain threads are made, or why they have gone "out of style"
~ The Art and Business of Surface Pattern design---more a commercial site for textile designs on conventional substrates (cloth), but a visual feast nonetheless!

Concerned about copyright issues? Much info here on how to find where yours are going:
and . There is also "src-img" which is added to your Mozilla bar.

Personally, it REALLY bothers me when people plaster copyright notices all over their own site, then pin/use/"share" without permission or correct attribution. When you find your own work linking to porn or equally specious sites, it's rather upsetting. And what to do when you do find them? File a report, though some sites make it very difficult to actually contact anyone. The best is to report to Google
And please--if you are using popular "sharing" sites, ASK permission first of the image holder and maker!!!

Karin used to live in The Sultanate of Oman and believes the only thing better than living in Oman would be to go there and study art.  Here is a chance to do just that.
If you want more information get in touch directly.
Greetings from Bait Al Zubair!

Bait Al Zubair is proud to present our new

‘Art History and Practical Summer Course: Renaissance to Street Art’ conducted by visiting lecturer Professor Dickerson MFA. Dr (RCA)

Bait Al Dalaleel’s Art History summer course at Bait Al Zubair is an excellent introduction to the study of contemporary art. It sustains and develops students’ abilities and interests over a four-week period and offers an outstanding opportunity for an intensive engagement with Fine Art practice in a historical and practical sense. The course encourages individual creativity whilst imparting a solid grounding in the practical and the aesthetic.

During the course we will be looking at both historical and contemporary art through a range of lectures, discussion-lead seminars and practical workshops. This will provide grounding in the history and theory of art which contributes to students' overall development as artists and their awareness of the relevance of these critical studies to the contemporary practicing artist.

Please find the Introduction to the course attached as well as the application package with all the details.

Limited space is available. Deadline for application is the 15th of May 2014.

Please contact for more details or call 22084747


And don't forget our May meeting on the 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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