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Monday, April 14, 2014

What's on the Surface (second posting)

The set up went very well.  I recommend this as a job if you are looking to volunteer some time next time we do a show.  Very rewarding and learn from the experts!
Only when everyone else's work was up and deemed successfully hung, did our lead curator give her own work some time and consideration.
 Great shot of Wendy with her art work.... and a Noo Noo... sorry for those of you who don't know the children's show Teletubbies.  Not one of my favourites, but a part of British culture none the less.
Thanks A. for all  the help you gave us getting the room ready for the show and setting up and washing up wine glasses. You are a great kid.
And now that we have seen these GF gems,  by Twisted Tortes you WILL have your reward.
The evening was deemed a success this is part of the the room at its quietest! The gallery is to the right in this shot.  We had at least 120 folks talking art and socializing thanks everyone for making it a great evening.  
Thanks once more to Atlantis for sharing the space so generously 
to SDA for the Small Event's Grant

So, what next?

Don't forget to go here and purchase your ticket for the Skype Speaker Series with Sian Martin 
(Tuesday 29th April, 12-2pm)

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