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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Help the children at River Valley school bring back the heart to their school post Calgary summer floods

I wonder how you all are getting on this summer.  I hope it has been a good one for you.  Unfortunately it hasn't been kind to everyone.  There are many children whose homes and schools have been badly affected by the flooding in Alberta this summer and recovery is still going on.

The elementary school I work with (doing fibre art) was completely flooded at basement and some of ground floor levels. The school is River Valley School in NW Calgary, which provides some wonderful children with Montessori and Standard stream education from Kindergarten to Grade 6. These children have lost much of the heart of their school but the staff and board are determined to bring back the buzz to the school. Damage was horrific with the loss of materials for the Montessori and other classrooms that were in the basement, and damage to upper level classrooms.

I have been asked, and am very happy to help with some fundraising in September. The students will be working with me making felted panels in September that will be up for sale at a fundraising event to benefit their school, later in September.

My request to you is this...
If you can donate any amounts of roving or carded wool or even bits of shear fabrics and other fibres that the students can incorporate into their felt works please let me know so that I can collect it from you, or send it urgently to me (Karin Millson).  Any donation is welcome to reach me by end August for the classes in early September, just a few threads and fibres popped into an envelope will help this great cause.

Your help will be truly appreciated by  the teachers, the school and I - but mostly the children.
And I know that fibre folks rally round when the going gets tough...

Your friend,
Karin (call me if you have any concerns)
Please share this with any fibre friends you know who might be sympathetic to this cause.

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