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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Memory jogs

  Our meetings (and blog posts!) are only as interesting and involving as you, the members, make them.
A repost from earlier in the blog: Our next meeting in Calgary will be in September and it will be a "Powered by Pecha Kucha "evening. What is Pecha Kucha you might ask? Look here.
If you would like to present 20 slides (about 20 seconds each) = a 7 minute presentation please think about it and get in touch.  There is plenty of time to plan for this.  It can be on any art subject you wish, your own work, a person who inspires you, an  exhibition you saw years ago, or this summer....or the great classics in fine art.
We had 8 members from Alberta at the San Antonio SDA conference.  You know who you are!   I hope you had a great time. I do hope that, as a group, you might put together a 7 minute presentation to tell us about your experiences - for the September meeting.

Date and venue to be announced at later date.

If you are donating a piece to the Alberta Flood Rose Project, Friday (July 26) is the deadline for turning your work into one of the venues specified. I know i'll be working hard today to finish mine!

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