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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mid August

Sorry to all who have been frustrated by lack of action on the blog over the past couple of months ... up till now I have been a one-man band in this operation, and my extended summer leave provided an interruption to normal services!  

However, I am very pleased to announce to you that SDA member Arlee Barr has kindly offered to help me by taking over the newsletter and many other blog matters with immediate effect, although, of course,  I will be lurking behind the scenes.  She becomes our first SDA: Ambassador. We all do these things voluntarily and yet so much can be easily taken for granted.... for example,  I will be very presumptuous in expecting her to take care of things I.T.-wise and I know  she is extremely capable. Probably the first thing she will do is add a search facility to this otherwise chaotic blog.  Go to her own blog and you will not only see how to do it properly but enjoy a feast for your eyes... if you haven't done so already.

This newsletter for August-Sept, is so heavily dominated by mid-Alberta matters that I feel rather despondent over it.  Please, if you live outside of the Calgary area and have information to share pass it on to Arlee or me.  Here is Arlee's address- and thanks for helping us to make this blog work for the entire province.
For those of you reading this who aren't members of SDA, you might like to go here and take a look at their latest journal and be tempted to subscribe.
And for readers who are SDA members - A reminder that you can register onto the Surface Design Association (Members Only Group) on Facebook via  the SDA website (top right hand corner) and recieve notifications of events and openings, also calls for entry.

And remember, I said I wasn't going to mention The Alberta Craft Council website!!!

Out and about in town:-
If you have always wanted to take a look inside cSPACE the new arts incubator project in Calgary, then there are dates to block in your diary.  Sept. 28-30 check here for details of 'Doors Open' at King Edward.



Just mentioning the Stash Lounge in Inglewood, 'cos I haven't before.  It might be of interest to some
-maybe not all- of you.


We do get encaustic workshops on offer around Alberta from time to time but if you can get to Vancouver and want to do one, this info. via Jennifer (SDA rep for BC) might be relevant:-

Being unable to get into the Maiwa hosted encaustic workshop with Daniella Woolf, Jennifer Cooper decided to see if someone else might be available to teach a workshop. 
And, luck was with me …. 

However, because I am organizing this and carrying all the costs myself, I must have 14 fully paid students by Aug 30th. Also, once you’re registered, I cannot guarantee any refund, unless I have someone else, wait listed and ready to pay,immediately. Life happensso if something prevents you from attending, I will try my very best to reimburse you your fee. Saying that, I’m very hopeful we will get the 14 participants needed, all will pay on time, all will go well and everyone will have a great time. If not, course gets cancelled, Aug 31st, your registration fee is reimbursed, I get my $500 downpayment returned – life continues merrily along. Email me to tentatively register, I’ll contact you to arrangepayment, likely mailing me a cheque. Once your cheque is cashed – you’re officially in. Sorry I have to be so gros re payment, but I really don’t want to be left hanging with any potential problems. Especially expensive ones. The $320 cost is based on 14 people paying, me included. I am not making any money to organize this – I am just a keener who loves to learn.  
Jennifer Cooper

Rachelle LeBlanc's 'Finding Home - Contemporary Fibre Hooking' is showing now till August 15th
Time 1:00 - 3:30pm 
At the Multicultural Centre Public Art Gallery 
5411-51 Street, Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1X7
This exhibition has been showing since July 15th so my apologies for not posting details earlier.  It will travel, more details to follow.


Incase you can't read the details at this scale:-
Title: 'Material Resonance: Celebrating five years of Contextural residencies'
Date: August 25th - September 1st, Reception August 28 from 5-8pm
Location: Room 371 and the Marion Nicoll Gallery (Alberta College of Art + Design, 1407-14 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4R3)

Waterworks: Fibre Art Network
Several SDA:Alberta members have works in the following show:-

Details from the above:-
Chapel Gallery
891 - 99 St. North Battleford, SK
Aug 1 to Sep 30, 2012.
Gallery hours Sun-Frid noon to 5 pm.. Closed Saturdays.
Artist Meet and Greet Friday September 28 2-4 pm at the Gallery

These images were sent in by Judy Weiss who collaborated with Sharon Willas Rubuliac to produce. 'Refreshing - Leaving it Cleaner than you Found It' 

This exhibition will be travelling later to Faculty of Extension Gallery in downtown Edmonton for the month of Feb, 2013 and possibly further west later.  I am sure you will read more about it here in September.
Here is SDA member Judy Weiss preparing part of the piece.
And more details here.

SDA member Arlee Barr also has work in the show; Sea Change (detail shown below)

Artist - Jane Cameron
Probably by now most of you have heard or visited the Leighton Art Centre's current but posthumous exhibition of the work of fibre artist Jane Cameron, but if not here are the details - it is on till September 3rd.
Dade Design Lab has new works by Darcy Lungren up till September 16.  If you don't know the Dade gallery it is on 9th Ave, Inglewood and is 'worth a detour' as they say in the Michelin books.  Darcy's works are a pleasure to see and tempting to touch.

The Silk Weaving Studio in Vancouver is hosting two exciting inspiring shows (in September)  from Japan in collaboration with Maiwa Textile Symposium - check out their events page for details.

Space to work
A call went out for Anchor Tenants at cSpace King Edward.  If you would like to follow this up go to this address. 

On the web
Hats - are adorning some of London's famous statues 


A link that is relevant for all the Brit. talk lately and especially for the Queen's Jubilee year - here


Nell Burns Circle of Time'Free motion embroidery on water soluble fabric. 11" x 23" 

Check out the interview (which you can read) with Nell Burns at this address and the latest one with Nathan Johns here and Nancy Yule here.

So, lots to get your teeth into if you are web-based or can get on Shanks's Pony and get out there.  See you around.

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